The Aquathin Difference.

When you choose to become part of the Aquathin family you are investing in your family’s future by protecting them against the myriad of contaminants found in mains tap water.

Most Reverse Osmosis (RO) PureH2O units are made from inferior parts often manufactured in China and not manufactured to the highest standards required with US manufacturing. Aquathin CORP USA manufacture all softening, purification and filtration products in the USA and are IAPMO Platinum certified. The equipment Aquathin manufacture is built to last a lifetime and with our first-class service and maintenance you can rest assured we have you covered where water purity is concerned.
All AQUATHIN®️ systems encompass sophisticated design and technique for the highest efficiency available. Maintenance is minimal allowing us to give you the finest warranty in the industry… and we live up to it.

Your AQUATHIN®️ Water Treatment Professional has been trained and educated with the technical support afforded at AQUATHIN®️ UNIVERSITY.

The Best Water Purification System USA & UK 2020

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Our Patented Filtration Process.

2-Stage Pre-Filter

This stage pre-filters larger particles to protect and prolong the life of the R.O. membrane.

The activated carbon module removes chlorine and organic matter.

The additional sediment filter removes silt, sand, rust and other common contaminants.
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Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

The pre-filtered water passes through Aquathin’s high-flow semi-permeable membrane.

This R.O. membrane allows the passage of pure water and prevents dissolved salts, metals, organics and hazardous micro-organisms from passing through.
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Deionization Module

This stage is what sets Aquathin apart from other R.O. systems.

The patented combination of R.O. & D.I. ensure the safe removal of monovalent ions, flouride and nitrates plus other substances that are only partially removed during the R.O. stage.
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Polishing Filtration

The final stage is designed to polish the water giving it a clean, fresh taste and ensuring absolute purity.

It combines a high grade carbon filter with a post sediment filter to ensure complete removal of any remaining organic substances and freshens the taste of the water.
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