Fresh Filtered Water For Restaurants

Serve great tasting, pure filtered still and sparkling water to your customers with Aquathin's range of undercounter and table top systems. Aquathin's water filtration systems are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, bars and contract caterers wanting to improve their sustainability credentials. 

Benefits for catering facilities

Instant, filtered, chilled, still and sparkling water
Environmentally friendly replacement for pre-bottled water
Save cost vs purchasing, chilling and recycling pre-bottled water
Space saving with no need to chill water, or store bottles
Optional 99.9% Ultra-pure water with the R.O.D.I. Aqualite purifier

We are so impressed with the efficiency, friendliness and quality of their service. The other day I called to request a service and on the same day Adam came down to us (from Surrey to Bath) and serviced our machine (and installed a leak detection device) and left the machine in good order. In these difficult times in particular the service was incredible. Aquathin UK are without a doubt in our minds the leader in this field.

Susan Gaulter
Customer Story

Undercounter Bottling Systems

Aquathin's undercounter water filtration system is the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels and conferencing venues wanting to serve their guests delicious chilled, still and sparkling water in reusable glass bottles.

Kinder to the Environment.

With the worldwide growth in concern for our planet and increased pressure on businesses to recognise how they can help, more and more restaurants, hotels and conference facilities are switching to filtered water systems to improve their CSR credentials and demonstrate to their customers their commitment to a more sustainable future.

Save money with Aquathin

A simple switch to Aquathin from pre-bottled mineral water means our customers can instantly save cost and completely remove the need to store, refrigerate, recycle and dispose of unsustainable plastic bottles.

Calculate your savings

Per bottle, I currently pay:
£0.01 £1.00
Per week, I use approx:
600 bottles
50 3,000
You currently pay:
£60.00 per week
Switching to Aquathin:
£30.00 per week
That's an annual saving of:
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Systems for Restaurants

Patented technology. Proven reliability. Pure water.

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