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Aquathin offers a range of water solutions for your home, from our patented 99.9% ultra pure drinking water to boiling, chilled and sparkling taps.

Our unique 2-stage pre-filtration process is a patented system that combines Reverse Osmosis and deionization modules, ensuring removal of the finest particles of dissolved salts, metals, organics and hazardous micro-organisms, monovalent ions, fluoride and nitrates.

We also offer a range of water treatment including water softening, UV treatment and even water treatment systems for the whole home.

Water treatment solutions we offer:

Unlimited ultra pure water to your kitchen taps
Our pure water system starts from £1,440* including installation.
The Aqualite RODI Purifier
On demand boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps
Our elegant pure Quooker boiler tap range starts from £2,490* including installation.
See the boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps
Whole home water treatment to provide either ultra pure water through your home, or filtration of irritants, bacteria and viruses
Filter impurities from the water through every tap in your home from £1,200* plus installation.
See more about whole home water filtration
UV water treatment to eliminate any bacteria and viruses
Whole home purification is priced on application.
See more about whole home water purification
Water softeners for luxurious bathing and increasing your appliances lifespan
Get whole home water softening starting from £1,200* plus installation.
See more about whole home water softening
*Prices are estimates and subject to survey

I am very impressed with the team at Aquathin UK. I have finally found a company who are professional, courteous and, more to the point, know what they are doing – a safe pair of hands. In a time of the Covid-19 virus and other nasties pure water is not only a good idea it is essential to your life.

Deirdre Carolina Gough, London
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Whole home water purification system

Aquathin are the worlds leading manufacturer of water purification systems for homes. Our whole home water purification system enables you to have ultra pure water throughout every tap, completely removing all contaminents, eliminating waterborne viruses, heavy metals and skin irritants and delivering the most luxurious bathing, washing and drinking water.

Delicious tasting water

The Aqualite RODI Water Purification System is comprised of three patents to give you the most state of the art, effective and efficient water treatment system in the world.
Deliver pure water to your kitchen sink without the need to repetitively change filters.
Achieve 99.99% purity across the spectrum of impurities, both naturally and manmade.
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Boiling, chilled and sparkling taps

Instant purified boiling water for drinking and cooking. All from one stylish tap.

Whole home water filtration

Aquathin's Triple Filter offers complete water security for your whole home. This unique Filtration system combines sediment with high grade carbon for the removal of all organics as well as antimicrobial filter which destroys bacteria, algae, fungus, mould and associated odours leaving you with water that your family can truly enjoy.
This can also be combined with our water softener to give you high quality, luxurious bathing and shower water.
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Water Softening

Provides luxuriously soft water for bathing and cleaning

Pure Water Solutions For The Home

Drinking water is vital to our health, with our bodies being made up of 60% water, it is essential that we maintain a good level of hydration to enable our mind and body to function properly. Good hydration has been proven to improve our concentration, performance and overall health.

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Proud partners with Quooker

You can now have your tap fed with one of our Purifiers, or if your are looking for a tap, Aquathin UK have teamed up with a select group of market leading Instant boiling water tap companies, providing you the ability to have on demand boiling chilled and sparkling pure water.

UV Water Treatment

Virtually all microorganisms are susceptable to U.V. disinfection - this form of water treatment is highly effective, completely safe and also very efficient.
Aquathin's Ultraviolet (U.V.) systems offer an alternative to chlorination for whole home water disinfection giving you the complete peace of mind in knowing your water is clean, safe and free from bacteria and viruses.
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Systems for the Home

Patented technology. Proven reliability. Pure water.

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