Pure Water for Offices

Providing the purest, safest and tastiest water solutions for offices, meeting rooms, conferencing and events.

Benefits for workplaces

Eliminate the need to purchase plastic bottles
Ensure your workforce are kept well hydrated
Bespoke solutions when space is at a premium
Offer boiled, chilled or sparkling water instantly
A sustainable source of clean, pure drinking water

Aquathin has helped us within our company for quality water for consumption and our equipment, plus a great option for us to offer to our customers in their Dental practices.

Jim Hague, Managing Director
Customer Story

Ensure hydration of your workforce

Every business knows the importance of having a well hydrated workforce, Aquathin Multi award winning Purifiers give your team the best tasting water in the world and will eliminate the need to ever purchase bottled water again.

Whether you are a small business or an Enterprise size organisation, Aquathin has the system you require. Our systems can deliver 150 to 5455 litres per day, so your staff are never left unquenched.

Instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water

A simple switch to Aquathin enables your employees to instantly rehydrate without having to stand around and wait for kettles to boil, or change the heavy water bottles on the point of use dispensers.
Aquathin's compact systems fit neatly into a standard cupboard and dispense your desired water through Quookers renowned range of stylish taps.
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Systems for the Workplace

Patented technology. Proven reliability. Pure water.

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