Whole Home Water Filtration

Aquathin's Whole Home Filtration system offers the very best in water quality protecting your family by removal of Sediments, organic contaminants and eliminating waterborne bacteria and skin irritants, giving you the most luxurious bathing, and showering water available.

Product Description
The AquaShield Triple Filter 3000 series whole home conditioner combines Industrial prefiltration for our superior Reverse Osmosis PPVM Systems with the unique AquaShield Antimicrobial filter series with Microban, an antimicrobial within it to inhibit bacteria, virus, algae, fungus and associated odours to provide you with clean safe water throughout your home.

Benefits of the Whole Home Water Filtration

Luxurious bathing water for the whole home
Removal of organics, chlorine and bacteria
Greatly reduces skin irritation from mains water
Combine with the Aquathin softener for complete water treatment
High capacity - only requires one annual filter change

I first came across Aquathin UK rather recently having bought my system from another supplier, which I became less happy with over time. All my questions were answered regarding an issue I was having with the system, a price agreed and a service booked with Adam. The entire system was removed from under the sink and stripped down completely.

Deidre Carolina Gough, London
Customer Story

Save money vs bottled water

Aquathin's bottling systems cost less than 5p per litre offering huge savings when compared to bottled mineral water - plus many of our customers charge the same price... meaning a huge profit potential! See what you can save...

Pricing that's affordable for you.


Plan includes:
Installation and commissioning
Care free filter changes & sanitisation
Maintenance and call outs


Purchase options:
Equipment only purchase
Supply, installation and commissioning
All inclusive (includes Service package)

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