Ultra Violet - UV Water Treatment

Ultraviolet light also referred to as U.V. is a well-known germicide widely used in pharmaceutical, food processing and laboratory applications.

Product Description
U.V is lethal to bacteria, viruses and many disease causing water borne microorganisms. U.V lamps are autonomous, chemical free and versatile meaning they provide continuous disinfection without special attention or measurement. They contain capacities available from six to thousands of Litres per minute. For S series as pictured, the wiper segments induce turbulence in the flowing liquid to assure uniform exposure of suspended micro-organisms to the lethal ultraviolet rays. Aquathin’s U.V. systems offer an alternative to chlorination for whole home disinfection.

Benefits of the Ultra Violet - UV Water Treatment

Effective – Virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to U.V. disinfection. The water enters the U.V. chamber and flows into the annular “Kill” space between the quartz sleeve and the outside chamber wall.
Economical – Thousands of Litres can be treated for each penny operating cost.
Safe – No danger of overdosing, no addition of dangerous chemicals.
Fast – Water is ready to use as soon as it leaves the purifier, no further contact time required.
Easy – Simple installation and maintenance, our compact units require minimum space.

Aquathin listened to our needs and provided an outstanding pure water solution that has saved us vital time, improved reliability, considerably reduced our annual costs, and additionally connects to the chair to give us pure water throughout the practice.

Gina Hassall, Practice Manager
Customer Story

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