Pure Water - Aqualite RODI Purifier

The Aqualite RODI Water Purification System is comprised of three patents to give you the most state of the art, effective and efficient water treatment system in the world.

Product Description
The patented Reverse Osmosis / Deionization Process produces water that is salt free and eliminates 99.99% of Heavy Metals. Chemicals, Flouride, Pesticides, THM’s, Asbestos, disease-causing water borne microorganisms, Slug Poison, Pharmaceuticals, drug residues, hormones and petrochemicals.

Benefits of the Pure Water - Aqualite RODI Purifier

Constant supply of pure drinking water
The operation is completely user maintenance free
Refills on demand and eliminates the need for you to ever purchase bottled water again
Perfect for tea, coffee and cooking
Removes viruses, microplastics, organics, pharmaceuticals etc...

Aquathin listened to our needs and provided an outstanding pure water solution that has saved us vital time, improved reliability, considerably reduced our annual costs, and additionally connects to the chair to give us pure water throughout the practice.

Gina Hassall, Practice Manager
Customer Story



Save money vs bottled water

Aquathin's bottling systems cost less than 5p per litre offering huge savings when compared to bottled mineral water - plus many of our customers charge the same price... meaning a huge profit potential! See what you can save...

Pricing that's affordable for you.


Plan includes:
Installation and commissioning
Care free filter changes & sanitisation
Maintenance and call outs


Purchase options:
Equipment only purchase
Supply, installation and commissioning
All inclusive (includes Service package)

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