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What is Pure Water?

Pure water can be defined simply as H2o, it is the source of life to everything on the planet and the most essential part of the human body being made of 60% water. When water is pure its does not like it and will do anything to absorb what it can so generally most water people drink has something that should not be there. We reverse this process through Reverse Osmosis (RO) and give people the ability to drink Pure Water once again that the body craves.

Is tap water safe?

We have a news page where we track current events and media articles that are released in connection to this question, we advise everyone to carry out their own research. Please have a look at the article here about the difference in legally safe and totally safe.

Why is Reverse Osmosis better than Tap water?

There is no comparison one is pure, the other contains chlorine, hormones amongst many other chemicals and contaminants both manmade and naturally occurring.

What is the difference between RODI and Distilled water?

In short not much as they both have a very low TDS meaning they are pure, however distilled water cannot remove contaminants such as Asbestos, and is poor at removing chemical solvents, pesticides and herbicides whereas our system is certified for the removal of all such things.

Is filtered water the same as distilled water?

Certainly not, filtered water will only do as it says and filter certain contaminants where distilled is a much longer and energy intensive process but yields better results but still it doesn't purify completely like our RODI systems.

What are the benefits of Aquathin Water?

The benefits of drinking pure water are endless from the removal of contaminants relieving your body of the need to deal with them, through to being fully hydrated with PureH2o which the body thrives on.

What is the difference between Reverse Osmosis and RODI?

Reverse Osmosis is excellent at removing 97% of contaminants but can struggle with viruses and nitrates will be left in the water, RODI is the most effective means for removing 99.9% of everything in the water and our Aquathin RODI UF Purification Systems is E.P.A. Registered and has tests proving our systems remove disease causing microorganism.

Is it safe to drink Reverse Osmosis water?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is probably one of the safest drinks available, it is pure water nothing but H2o. Aquathin Clients have been drinking both (RO) and (RODI) water for 40+ Years and have always recommended the systems to their friends and family once they feel the health benefits.

Do your products treat hard water and Scale?

Our standard domestic purifiers will remove all calcium and scale from the water for drinking however if hardwater is an issue we recommend that a softener is installed to treat the water to the whole house. Please contact our team and they will be happy to provide advise on this for you.

How does the system work?

The system works by connecting to your mains cold water in the property and then redirecting a flow through the Purification unit, Reverse Osmosis (RO) in particular works by forcing water at high pressure over a semi permeable membrane which then removes the contaminants from the water and flushes them down the drain. The Processed water is then stored in a storage tank under pressure and is available on demand when you require it.

How often does the filter need to be changed?

This depends on the unit installed and the application, if this is a standard domestic installation, we normally carry out a service once a year but for certain commercial and medical installation a minor and major service should be done every six months. Contact our technical team to find out more.

Does aquathin work with all water qualities, e.g. Borehole water?

There is no water that we cannot treat, we can offer a full analysis of the water and then provide you with a quote to treat your specific needs. Bore holes are something that we know all about and we can work with the bore hole company from the outset.

What do I need for installation of Aquathin products?

Depending on the system you have installed will depend on the requirements, for whole home conditioning access to the mains water pipe is enough but for purification or softening mains water, electricity and drainage will be required. When our team come to carry out a survey we will be able to provide you all the information on what you need.

How much space will they take up?

Our purification systems have been designed to be neatly situated under the kitchen sink and can also be located remotely in a utility room or garage. The dimensions can be found on our site for the units alternatively reach out to our sales team who will provide all the information you require and we offer a free site survey upon request.

Do I need to change the membrane?

Due to our unique and proprietary membrane flush sequence on our systems, the membranes last upwards of 5 years unlike all other (RO) units where it is common to replace the membrane after 1 or 2 years. When it comes to servicing, we will carry this out annually and we will advise when the membrane should be changed.

Can I have pure water throughout my home?

This can be achieved, and we have provided many families with pure water throughout the property. Our systems range in size and capability from small undercounter units for the kitchen all he way up to full scale commercial units for hospitals and universities. For a free site survey please call our sales team alternatively fill in the contact us form and we will be back in contact with you as soon as possible.

Do Aquathin products produce sparkling water?

Aquathin have teamed up with the market leading manufacturers of boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps as well as chiller companies to be able to provide a solution for all needs. Please get in contact today with our team and they will be happy to advise on our range of sparkling solutions.

How do I order Aquathin products online?

Unlike others we do not sell online we provide a personal service and like to know our clients’ needs and requirements so they can make an informed decision of what they really need. Fill out our contact us form or give our office a call to book a free home survey.

How can I buy from Aquathin?

Please fill out the contact us form and we will respond to you shortly or give our sales team a call on 01483 904501

How much water do each model produce?

Our standard Aqualite RODI UF system will produce 5 litres per hour with a storage tank of 7.5 litres. However, this can be customized to soot the application and we have systems that can produce many thousands of litres of pure water per hour. We always are happy to help and can advise on the best solution please contact our office for advice.

How can I test the water quality?

When we install our purification systems, we provide our clients with a TDS meter this ensures you have the ability to test the water quality being produced yourself. A TDS meter is a very simple but effective way of testing the amount of dissolved solids in the water and this will be explained and shown to you upon installation.

If you are wanting a water quality test done prior to a product being selected please give us a call and we will be happy to provide this service.

How do I order Aquathin products online?

Unlike others we do not sell online we provide a personal service and like to know our clients’ needs and requirements so they can make an informed decision of what they really need. Fill out our contact us form or give our office a call to book a free home survey.

What tap options are available?

Our range of taps is extensive, we have everything from small faucets for pure water, double lever taps for chilled and sparkling and main kitchen taps for hot, cold with boiling, chilled and sparkling functions.

Are the taps available in different colours?

Yes we have many colours and styles to fit your taste and you can see some of the options by visiting our pure tap range.

How big is the under counter boiler unit?

This varies depending on the model size chosen please get in contact for dimensions and the different options available.

Can I rent or lease a boiling and chilled unit?

We do offer rentals for all products if this of interest please fill out our contact us form with the options you are interested in and we will be in contact with you soon after.

How do I prevent anyone scalding themselves on the boiling tap?

The boiling taps we offer have been designed with a built in safety feature to prevent this happening. Our sales team will be able to explain all the features in more detail upon request.
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