March 12, 2020

Bladder Cancer Linked to Chemicals Found in Drinking Water

THM’s in Drinking Water Linked to Bladder Cancer

THM’s in Drinking Water Linked to Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer linked to drinking water chemicals in Europe Over 6,500 new cases of bladder cancer in Europe and the UK are caused by exposure to chemicals called trihalomethanes (THM) found in drinking water. This number adds up to almost 5% of all bladder cancers in the continent.

The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives in January 2020, is a pioneering attempt to establish the levels of these chemicals in tap water supplied in 26 countries in the European Union.

What are THMs?

THMs are by-products of the process of disinfecting water for drinking purposes. It is already known through earlier studies that being exposed to THMs through various routes, including via ingestion, inhalation or skin contact, increases the risk of bladder cancer. However, the new study used information on the levels of THMs present in tap water in European cities, to compute the attributable risk of bladder cancer. In other words, the authors wanted to find out how many of these tumors arose due to exposure to THMs in drinking water.

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