Pure Water For Dental and Medical

Clinically pure water is essential to guarantee the safe operation and elimination of bacteria and viruses when operating an Autoclave.

Ensure your patients safety by preventing complications with cross contamination.

Benefits for medical facilities

99% Clinically pure water (EPA Certified & MHRA compliant)
Destroys bacteria and removes risk of viral infection
Saves time with instant pure water on demand
Cheaper alternative to distiller systems
Positive environmental impact

Aquathin listened to our needs and provided an outstanding pure water solution that has saved us vital time, improved reliability, considerably reduced our annual costs, and additionally connects to the chair to give us pure water throughout the practice.

Gina Hassall, Practice Manager
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Eliminate all bacteria, viruses and pyrogens

We understand the importance of infection prevention for medical practices and the potential health, safety and compliance implications that could occur in the event of infection, or cross contamination.

Pure Water Solutions for Autoclaves and Dental Chairs

For dental practices, bacterial and viral infection can be a huge problem. The risk associated with contamination can be costly and affect your ability to perform routine procedures.

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Pure Water with Aquathin

Our purification process outperforms all R.O systems on the market.
Deliver clinically pure water to your surgery without the need to repetitively change filters.
Achieve 99.99% purity across the spectrum of impurities, both naturally occuring and manmade.
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Aqualite RODI Purifier

Our flagship system. Removes 99.99% of all contaminants from the mains tap water.

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