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London, UK

Health and wellbeing expert, Deirdre Carolina Gough explains why she decided to have an Aquathin, Aqualite RODI (Reverse Osmosis with Deionisation) purifier installed in her home…

We take water for granted here in the UK – turn on the tap and out it comes. I live in London where tap water is, technically, “safe to drink”, however the taste and smell aren’t great due to chlorine and other chemicals. In my opinion, the safety of tap water is suspect due to lead from old pipes, toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites and micro-plastics.

As a health professional for over 40 years, the wellbeing of my family and clients has always been important to me. Drinking enough pure water every day is essential for everything from maintaining a healthy weight to energy levels and flushing toxins out of the body. It is probably the single most important part of anyone’s self-care.

The Aqualite system was installed under the kitchen sink and linked into the mains. It is system activated self-cleaning and produces about 5 litres of pure water an hour. The mains water is pushed through various filters and the reverse osmosis membrane to produce 99.99% pure water. My system has an added mineralisation filter to put back the calcium and which also creates the perfect Ph levels for a healthy body.

I use this water for drinking, cooking, my pets, my houseplants and my clients. The taste is clear and clean and no nasty taste or smells.

Aquathin supplied me with a gadget that measured the purity of the water.. Tap water to my house measured 336 part per million of particulates – the filtered water had only 3 part per million!

In a time of the Covid-19 virus and other nasties, pure water is not only a good idea, it is essential.

I first came across Aquathin UK rather recently having bought my system from another supplier, which I became less happy with over time. Initially I contacted Alfie at Aquathin’s head office in the USA, he put me in touch with the UK suppliers. All my questions were answered regarding an issue I was having with the system, a price agreed and a service booked with Adam. The entire system was removed from under the sink and stripped down completely.

Deirdre Gough, Health and Wellbeing Expert

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