Bupa Dental Care

Clinically Pure Water for one of the UK’s biggest dental clinic

31 Marsh Road, Luton, LU3 2QF

How we worked with Bupa Dental Care to ensure they deliver clinically pure water to their patients.

This practice, located just outside of Luton, is well established with other 20 years’ local experience, offering NHS dental care and a broad scope of private dental treatments and services, specialising in endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and implants.

As one of the leading practices in Luton, having an efficient infection prevention process is extremely important and the impact of having a reliable source of pure water is essential for meeting safety standards and ensuring the consistent performance of the practice.

Aquathin offered a solution that can be installed in a single standard sized cupboard and capable of delivering unlimited pure water for the three autoclaves, dentals chair, drills, air and water and the mouth rinse.

Aquathin listened to our needs and provided an outstanding pure water solution that has saved us vital time, improved reliability, considerably reduced our annual costs, and additionally connects to the chair to give us pure water throughout the practice.

Gina Hassall, Practice Manager

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