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Bringing fresh water to Aylesbury kitchen

Aylesbury, UK

Sally Rowland explains how Aquathin were able to provide a unique solution that provides the purest of water to her kitchen.

I’ve always enjoyed drinking fresh water, but was dissatisfied by the quality and taste of the tap water in my home.  Buying in bottled water, especially in this day and age, wasn’t an option I wanted to take, as it is bad for the environment and doesn’t feel right after the amount of media coverage around the plastic waste problem and damage to our oceans.

I decided to look around for the best water purification solution, something that could deliver unlimited amounts of completely pure water to my kitchen – then around 7 months ago I discovered Aquathin’s Reverse Osmosis system.

The water in our taps, contains all sorts of chemicals, bacteria, metals and even microplastics, my health is extremely important to me and I wanted to be sure that the water I was drinking, was just pure water.

The pure water tastes amazing, such an enormous change from tap water and even better than bottled water.  I don’t just use the water for drinking, I also use it for cooking. Since having the pure water system, I find I drink much more water and feel healthier.  I also use the pure water for preparing and cooking food, it makes such a difference to the taste of my fresh salads.

I’m really pleased with the product and service provided by Aquathin – the Aqualite Reverse Osmosis system is fantastic, it consistently delivers really clean, fresh tasting water, that is an absolute pleasure to drink.

Sally Rowlands

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