How to remove fluoride from Water?

The Fluoride mineral occurs naturally on Earth and therefore we have varying levels of fluoride in the water we drink.  In many cities and towns across the UK, where the natural levels of fluoride are lower, our water is fluoridated to increase this level with the aim of reducing tooth decay.  In order to do this, the types of fluoride added to increase this level are delivered in the form of fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride.  There is much controvesy around these chemicals, what they actuallly contain, their toxicity, health & safety concerns, and how this is regulated - with contradicting expert reports on either side of the arguments.

Read on to find out how to remove fluoride from water and the best water filters to remove fluoride.

Is Fluoride bad for you? Why is Fluoride in water?

Over consumption of fluoride is recognised as being detrimental to your health and unsafe. You will most likely be aware that Fluoride is included in the majority of tooth pastes and therefore in some instances it is suggested that our families are over consuming fluoride which can lead to fluorosis & other health concerns. The effect of fluoride is clearly known given all the warnings on toothpastes to "only use a pea sized amount" and stating "do not swallow" and to seek medical advise if swallowed.

A small amount of Fluoride is recognised by dental professionals as helping to prevent tooth decay.  For this reason, it has been added to the water in areas that had poor dental health as a means to improve this.  However, the debate is around what chemicals are actually added to the water to acheive this, how is this regulated, and whether the improvement in tooth health outweighs any potential effects of over consumption that some reports suggest might be extremely detrimental to your health.

Find out how to remove Fluoride in drinking water...

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What is the effect of fluoride on your health?

There have been numerous studies into the effect of fluoridisation of water supplies in the UK and worldwide.  Many of these studies have associated high levels of fluoride with various health concerns.  A study by Gupta (1995) found that there was an increase in congenital malformations with an increased incidence of spinal bifida occulta in children exposed to high levels of fluoride.  Other studies have found higher cases of skeletal & dental fluorisis, Fetal, perinatal and infant mortality, and downs syndrome in fluoridated areas when compared to non-fluoridated areas (see study by Packington (2000).

Effects of Fluoride in Water

1. Numerous companies are campaigning to stop the fluoridisation of waters in the UK and worldwide
2. Fluoride is known to be toxic and linked to various health concerns, even at low levels of exposure
3. Over exposure to Fluoride has been linked with causing brittle bones & Fractures 
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What filters remove Fluoride from Water

There are numerous filtration systems on the market, from a simply carbon filter though to commercial reverse Osmosis filters, but the lower end of the market will not be able to filter out fluoride.  

A standard Reverse Osmosis water purification system will effectively remove 85-90% of fluoride from the water, giving a good level of safe dinking water

To ensure 99.9% removal, Aquathin's  patented RODI UF system, combines reverse osmosis with deionizations resulting in ultra pure water, removing fluoride, chlorine,  viruses and all waterborne micro-organisms.

What is the best water filter for Fluoride?

A reverse osmosis system is the most effective way to  remove Fluoride - Aquathin's patented & award winning RODI UF systems combine Reverse Osmosis with Deionisation to completely remove fluoride, water borne micro-organisms and bacteria from the water giving you 99.9% pure, fluoride free water. 

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